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Kathryn Olsen, MD

Dr. Kathryn Olsen is a Body Imaging Radiologist in Denver, CO


Medical School:  Memorial University of Newfoundland, Faculty of Medicine, Health Science Centre – St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada


Transitional: Good Samaritan Hospital – Phoenix, AZ


Diagnostic Radiology: Wake Forest University – Winston Salem, NC


Cardiothoracic Imaging: University of Maryland – Baltimore, MD 2011

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Kligerman S, Mehta D, Farnadesh M, Jeudy J, Olsen KM, White C. Use of a Hybrid Iterative Reconstruction Technique to Reduce Image Noise and Improve Image Quality in Obese Patients Undergoing Computed Tomographic Pulmonary Angiography.  J Thorac Imaging 2012. May; 28(1).

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