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Whitney Finke, MD

Dr. Whitney Finke is a Neuroradiologist in Denver, CO


Medical School:  Loyola University Strith School of Medicine – Maywood, IL


Resurrection Medical Center – Chicago, IL


Diagnostic Radiology: Indiana University – Indianapolis, IN


Neuroradiology: University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT

Publications & Presentations


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Finke, W; Ho, C; Shih, C; Buchsbaum, J; Kralik, S. “Cerebral Necrosis in Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients Treated with Proton Radiotherapy.” ASNR, Montreal; Oral Presentation, 2014.

Finke, W; Wu, I; Ho, C; Kralik, S. “Second Opinion Interpretations of Head CTs in Patients with Suspected Nonaccidental Trauma.” ASNR, Chicago; Oral Presentation, 2015.

Finke, W; Kralik, S; Ho, C. “Fetal MRI Evaluation of Chiari II Malformation.” ARRS. Toronto; Electronic Presentation, 2015.

Finke, W; Koontz, N; Kralik, S. “Multimodality Imaging Overview of Common and Uncommon Solid Parotid Space Masses.” ASNR, Washington, DC; Electronic Presentation, May 2016.

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