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Billing, Insurance, and Accepted Forms of Payment

Contact our billing office with questions regarding your bill.

Please call us at 833-699-0099

Payment of non-insurance covered expenses is expected at the time of service.

Payment Types

Radiology Imaging Associates accepts credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), and personal checks.

Online Bill Pay

Radiology Imaging Associates accepts credit card payments online through a secure third-party web site.

To make an online payment, please click on the name of the company that you see on your bill. You’ll be asked to supply your name (in a “last name, first name” format please), account number and credit card information.

Radiology Imaging Associates accepts many major insurance plans.

Please consult your insurance company for specific information on exam and procedure coverage.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Concerns

Exams are most often covered by insurance, as long as they are clinically indicated. Please contact your insurance carrier if you have questions. We recognize that financial concerns may prevent some patients from seeking necessary healthcare exams. We pride ourselves on being sympathetic and flexible. We offer a dedicated financial navigator, as well as assistance with pre-authorization and any necessary insurance appeals after the exam is completed. If you have financial concerns or need additional guidance on how to speak with your insurance company about your exam, please call our Patient Care Coordination line at 720-493-3459 or email us by clicking here.