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Everything we do is designed to improve lives.

We are dedicated to advancing medicine and helping people live better.

Meet our Team

Over 45 years of diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology services.

Leaders in Clinical Innovation

Learn about how RIA doctors are continuing to drive innovation.

RIA Endovascular Clinic

RIA Endovascular is the premier interventional radiology practice of the front range. Call (720) 493-3406 for a consultation.

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RIA Neurovascular Clinic

We are the region's premiere physicians focused on vascular issues of the head and neck. Call (720) 398-0622 for a consultation.

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At RIA, we believe in the power of innovation

RIA is proud to help drive industry-leading clinical innovation. Read Our Blog

Brendan Essary, MD, and Lora Barke, MD, on the The Situation

Recently, Lora Barke, DO and Brendan Essary, MD were featured on The Situation with Michael Brown: CEO Spotlight.

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We are Committed to Supporting Clinical Research

We offer various services related to research imaging including, but not limited to: de-identification, secure image transmission, data archiving/maintenance, qualification scans, oncological assessments such as RECIST, and more.

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Patient Stories: Gary Y. Shares His Story

I thought that meant surgery, but my doctor told me RIA offered a minimally invasive alternative way for me to get my procedure.

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Meet the team that works to know.

For over 45 years, the RIA team of physicians has been leading the industry to help improve patient outcomes through thought leadership, published studies and conducting clinical trials.

Meet the team of physicians that will partner with you to find the way forward for you and your patients. Whether that’s Endovascular treatments, Interventional Radiology, Neurovascular treatments, or any other modality, Radiology Imaging Associates physicians have the sub-specialized training and expertise you can trust.

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